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Big Data Advisory


Ample has a team of highly experienced data engineers, data scientists, and cloud experts to give you a solid strategy to solve your data related challenges.

Big Data Engineering


Ample has architected and engineered complex Big Data Solutions and has its own in-house, fully secured, state-of-the-art Big Data Lab for creating and testing POC's.

Advanced Analytics


Ample believes in Fail-Fast models and improving our clients decision making capabilities. Identifying every variable in the early phase of projects improves data accuracy and leads to better decision making. This is just one of the key ingredients in our secret sauce.


  • Extracting value from data using analytics

    The age of making decisions simply based on instinct are quickly disappearing. We now rely of data analysis to find patterns and make predictions and make calculated decisions. In fact, corporations are incorporating data driven decisions more and more in order to out perform their competition.
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    4 July

  • Data Engineering -- Why it matters?

    There was always a need to have great engineers & architects to improve enterprise systems by making them more efficient and creating new processes. In the world of Big Data, this need has just only multiplied many folds.
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    4 July

  • Having a clear Big Data Strategy is important!

    Yes, we know now that Big Data is real, important, and not just another creation of the IT world. However, often times companies embark on the Big-Data journey just because they heard it in last conference they went to or because much of their competition is investing in it.
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    4 July

  • Big Data in Retail ? How much can it help ?

    My first job was at my local sporting goods store where I ended up staying 10 years. It was a great job and I learned a lot about the sales profession, the difference between mark up and margin, and how to move inventory before you even paid the vendor invoice – a.k.a. using "other peoples money".
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    9 June